Melbourne School of Styling

We were really excited to get the opportunity to Supply some of our backdrops to the Melbourne school of styling recently in Brisbane. The styling courses Bianca Christoff runs were organised in Brisbane and ran over a couple of weekends, The Two- day intro to styling course The Two-day food styling course The course timings

Essentials for shooting food in natural light

So you have a backdrop and all you have heard is it’s easy just roll and go! but you aren’t a professional photographer ! Here are some tips to help you learn and get professional results What you need Camera Tripod Diffuser Backdrops and props Natural light The backdrops are going to react differently to

How did we get here, where did we come from

It’s July 2019 and we have been furiously working away on getting the website up and running. We are only days away from the launch… after lots of online meetings and hair pulling we finally feel we are set to go. Ultimately the need for a decent photographic lightweight backdrop for food and product shoots